NLCS – Phillies capitalize on wacky inning for Game 5 win

The Phillies extended their season,
but Halladay’s start wasn’t breezin’.
He gave up the first run,
but the Phils fought back and won,
with a third-inning without any reason.

The rally started with Raul,
whose bat has been rather cool.
After he and Ruiz
reached first and second with ease,
Halladay bunted foul by the rule.

But the foul ball – to the umps – stayed fair.
Raul slid into third by a hair.
Ruiz went to second
while Halladay reckoned
the ball was foul, so he stood there.

The Giants put out Halladay,
but momentum shifted Philly’s way.
By the end of the frame,
it was a 3 to 1 game,
as the announcers didn’t know what to say.

Halladay gave up one more run.
He pitched ’til the sixth, then was done.
Jose Contreras 
pitched the seventh errorless,
and Madson the eighth with his gun.

Jayson Werth led the ninth with a hit,
a home run to deepen San Fran’s pit.
Brad Lidge closed it out
with no runs allowed,
and a strike three to Ruiz’s mit.

The series now moves back to Philly,
a series that’s been rather silly.
The Phils hope to add
to the success that they’ve had,
and the Giants look to channel Mays (Willie)


One response to “NLCS – Phillies capitalize on wacky inning for Game 5 win

  1. The Phillies were given a gift,

    which may well lift

    them over the Jints,

    so Phillies phans can raise their pints

    while ‘Friscans cry “what if…”

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