Eagles 59, Redskins 28

The Eagles – behind Michael Vick –
earned a win that was quite historic.
They slaughtered the ‘Skins,
in most convincing of wins,
with a big offensive stick.

The attack began right away –
88 yeards on the first play.
Vick hit DeSean Jackson
for a touchdown catchin’.
Into the endzone, the receiver sashayed.

They ended their next possession
with another quick scoring session.
Vick scrambled for six
adding to the mix
of an offense teaching the ‘Skins a lesson.

On the other side of the ball,
Washington had nothing at all.
Their franchise quarterback,
Donovan McNabb lacked
completions and ran in to pitfalls.

Struggling to sustain any drive
McNabb, Washington’s No. 5,
threw just two TD’s
and three INT’s.
His new contract’s value took a dive.

But Philly kept adding to its score,
putting up 35 points before
minute two of the second,
and everyone reckoned,
the game was in question no more.

By halftime, the Eagles’ lead grew
to just one shy of 32.
They handled the play
the rest of the way,
in what was left of the crowd the game drew.

By the time the game clock hit all zeroes,
Vick was named a hero of heroes.
He threw for 330-plus yards,
no INT’s in the cards,
connecting on four TD throws.


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