0-for-no more: Slumping Ibañez ignites against Nats

H. Rumph, Jr./AP

There once was a man named Raul,
whose numbers had sunk beyond cool.
Some said he was old —
that’s why he went cold —
it was time for the Phils to retool.

Ross D. Franklin/AP

With an 0-for-35 streak,
Raul Ibañez looked antique.
But he swatted the Nats,
putting up gaudy stats,
and now he’s approaching his peak.

With only 14 hits to date,
he went 8 for 12 at the plate.
With five RBI’s,
he opened some eyes,
proving he can participate.

Ibañez, in 2009,
showed he was right to sign.
That year, he was hot.
This year, he’s looked shot,
as fans wish he’d sit on the pine.

Has Ibañez turned it around?
Has his ’09 magic been found?
One thing’s for certain:
his steak’s not hurtin’
the Phillies’ campaign to be crowned.


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