Red-eye fight: Phillies top Cincinnati in 19 innings

Matt Slocum/AP

                                                                                       In one inning shy of a score,
                                                                                       the Fightin’ Phils won, five to four.
                                                                                       A sacrifice fly
                                                                                       in 1 a.m.’s sky
                                                                                       ended a game for Philly’s lore.

                                                                                       With Roy Halladay on the mound,
                                                                                        most thought history would be found.
                                                                                        But the Phillies’ bullpen
                                                                                        became marathon men
                                                                                        and Wilson Valdez hero-bound.

Matt Slocum/AP

Ryan Howard’s 10th-inning blast
made the Reds’ lead disappear fast.
With the bullpen on ‘E’
and the lineup empty,
a pitcher, from infield, was cast.

Facing the heart of the order,
Valdez was three-out recorder.
Retiring the side
on a wild ride,
as he crossed history’s border.


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