CONCUSSION-BASED CROSSROADS: Out with injury, van Riemsdyk sits with stifled potential

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

This year, James van Riemsdyk found wealth,
but questions surrounded his health.
Considered a bust,
he wound up concussed,
pausing a career marked by stealth.

Ryan Remiorz/AP

The second pick in ’07’s ¬†draft,
he went to school and worked on his craft.
In ’09, JVR
could not drink in a bar
but was counted among Flyers staffed.

In last year’s playoffs, he emerged.
His numbers and confidence surged.
He earned a big payday
while his team screamed, “mayday!”
and progressed with its roster purged.

But his 25 million in ink
did not show in his play on the rink.
With his lack of a spurt,
some assumed he played hurt.
Others made him a trade rumor link.

He failed to produce a point spike.
Now the injured James van Riemsdyk,
his future uncertain
behind concussed curtain,
must wait for his next chance to strike.


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