MARCH ON: Fast-starting Flyers eliminate Penguins

Len Redkoles/Getty Images

Claude Giroux’s big first shift set the tone,
and the Flyers’ game stayed “in the zone.”
They showed Pittsburgh the door
with a five-to-one score
in Game 6 with an effort full-blown.

Giroux made the Pens pay the price,
knocking Sid Crosby to the ice.
Then he laced home a goal
to start the Flyers’ roll
that saw him on the scoresheet twice.

The Flyers took away Crosby’s space
and stayed in Evgeni Malkin’s face.
With 40 shots blocked
and bodies low-stocked,
their d-men were all over the place.

Erik Gustafsson, a rookie,
scored a last-straw goal, a cookie.
Without a big spell,
the Cup favorites fell,
surprising many a bookie.


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