ONE AND … OH, NO: Eagles survive season-opening scare at upset-hungry Cleveland

In spite of four picks from Mike Vick,
the Birds pulled escape artists’ trick.
They looked one-loss bound
before the Dawg Pound,
but they scored a TD in time’s nick.

–A win’s a win, but…–
A game many called “in the bag”
for Philly did nothing but drag
due to four giveaways
and undisciplined plays
that drew the dreaded yellow flag.

–There Once was a QB named Weeden–
There once was a QB named Weeden,
a rookie looked to for some leadin’.
In game one as a Brown,
Ol’ Weedon flashed a frown
at the Eagles’ d and its pass readin’.

–DRC was key–
Dominique Rodgers Cromartie
threw himself a ball-hawking party.
The Birds’ cornerback
stopped Cleveland’s attack
with two picks and play that looked hearty.


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