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ANGRY BIRDS: Eagles fight past Ravens

In a contest heated at its core,
the Eagles defeated B-more.
They trailed at the half
but got the last laugh
after Mike Vick’s game-winning score.


ALIVE AND KICKING: An Ode to David Akers and the former Eagle’s NFL record-setting field goal

Jeffrey Phelps/AP

There once was a kicker named Akers,
the leader of long field goal makers.
He put on a show
Week One at Lambeau.
His 63 yards?  Record breakers.

Dave Akers once had a bad day,
as an Eagle versus Green Bay.
With two playoff misses,
he earned goodbye kisses
and settled in San Fran to play.

 But Eagles fans, many a whiner,
still claim they’ve seen no player finer
than the kicking machine
who once wore midnight green
and now makes history as a ‘Niner.

ELI ELI OH: Giants top Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI

Al Bello/Getty Images

Eli Manning won ring number two
and another title for Big Blue,
thanks to fourth-quarter stats —
too much for the Pats —
and a catch figured clean by review.

Manning’s pivotal go-ahead drive
hinged on Mario Manningham’s dive.
With both feet in play,
his catch of the day
gave the Giants their chances to thrive.

Winning Super Bowl XLVI,
New York fans once more get their kicks.
Their team hoist Lombardi
and hosts a big party,
as Iggle fans wait for their fix.

Green Bay wins Super Bowl XLV

Al Bello/Getty Images

There once was a team from Green Bay
that turned three Pittsburgh giveaways
into 21 points,
and the whole league annoints
Aaron Rodgers for his great play.

Rodgers finished three touchdown drives
to win Super Bowl 45.
The Packers’ defense
maintained an immense
pressure on the Steelers to thrive.

Green Bay clinched title number four.
Only three other teams won more.
Now with the Lombardi,
the Packers can party
behind this season’s now-closed door.

Akers’ kicks help NFC stomp AFC

David Akers’ seven P.A.T.’s
meant the NFC won in a breeze.
His 52 Pro Bowl points
in his career annoints
Akers the all-time leader with ease.

Akers added two other field goals
and clanked a third off one of the poles.
His teammate, Mike Vick,
played one quarter, quick,
not attune to his familiar roles.

Packers, Steelers to meet in Super Bowl XLV

Keith Srakocic/AP

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The teams from Pittsburgh and Green Bay
will meet on Super Bowl Sunday.
Both teams are old,
and each wears gold,
and are heading Dallas’ way.

The Packers won the NFC
behind a hot-handed QB.
Aaron Rodgers’ legend blares,
beting two birds and the Bears
in pursuit of a Lombardi.

Meanwhile, in the Steel City,
the Steelers won, playing gritty.
They came back on the Ravens
and gave the Jets no havens —
an AFC title ditty.

There once was a man named Brett

Rebecca Cook/Reuters

There once was a man named Brett,
a quarterback as good as they get.
One day, he retired
and the next was a liar,
as he kept playing, as if on a bet.

Brett Favre was a Packer 16 years
and left with a bucket of tears.
Then he played for New York
and needed a fork
to stick in his storied career.

Trouble rose for big number four
after he walked out of the Jets’ door.
He got in a fix
with inappropriate pics
that – if true – proved judgment poor.

But still, he would play to his liking
as a member of the Vikings.
His big interception
riuned the deception
that Minnesota was Super Bowl hiking.

Today, he found the inactive list,
as his starting streak did desist.
Favre has gotten older,
and he has a bum shoulder,
but in the media, he will still persist.