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ALIVE AND KICKING: An Ode to David Akers and the former Eagle’s NFL record-setting field goal

Jeffrey Phelps/AP

There once was a kicker named Akers,
the leader of long field goal makers.
He put on a show
Week One at Lambeau.
His 63 yards?  Record breakers.

Dave Akers once had a bad day,
as an Eagle versus Green Bay.
With two playoff misses,
he earned goodbye kisses
and settled in San Fran to play.

 But Eagles fans, many a whiner,
still claim they’ve seen no player finer
than the kicking machine
who once wore midnight green
and now makes history as a ‘Niner.


Akers’ kicks help NFC stomp AFC

David Akers’ seven P.A.T.’s
meant the NFC won in a breeze.
His 52 Pro Bowl points
in his career annoints
Akers the all-time leader with ease.

Akers added two other field goals
and clanked a third off one of the poles.
His teammate, Mike Vick,
played one quarter, quick,
not attune to his familiar roles.