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GAGS TO RICHES: Former Flyers hoist Cup in L.A.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Once hailed as Flyers cornerstones,
they moved on across three time zones.
And with L.A.’s Kings,
they won themselves rings
to frustrated Flyers fans’ moans.

Of the old Flyers guard, the first
to lift the prized Cup with a burst
was Simon Gagne,
whose spirited play
had him, in Philly love, immersed.

Gagne’s best years, in orange and black,
saw him showcase a big-moment knack —
Game Seven in Boston,
with other goals tossed in.
The titles were all that did lack.

Justin Williams, one Cup on his plate,
once was Gagne’s Flyers teammate.
He left and played well,
a Flyers fan’s hell.
In orange, he wasn’t bad. But not great.

Harry How/Getty Images

Mike Richards once donned Philly’s “C.”
He was the next Bob Clarke to be.
But he got traded, too,
as rumors then flew
about how immature he could be.

Richards’ party partner in crime,
Jeff Carter left at the same time.
He was simply not clutch.
At least, that is the crutch
fans use to make their two cents a dime.

But in L.A., Carter found his role,
scoring what was the Cup-winning goal.
Wearing orange and black,
these players missed their crack.
But their Kings ransom stirs Philly’s soul.


ELI ELI OH: Giants top Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI

Al Bello/Getty Images

Eli Manning won ring number two
and another title for Big Blue,
thanks to fourth-quarter stats —
too much for the Pats —
and a catch figured clean by review.

Manning’s pivotal go-ahead drive
hinged on Mario Manningham’s dive.
With both feet in play,
his catch of the day
gave the Giants their chances to thrive.

Winning Super Bowl XLVI,
New York fans once more get their kicks.
Their team hoist Lombardi
and hosts a big party,
as Iggle fans wait for their fix.

TRIUMPH ARCH: St. Louis wins 2011 World Series

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Cardinals bent without breaking
and took a title for the taking,
outlasting the Rangers
through seven-game dangers,
thanks to some David Freese raking.
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Boston Bruins – 2011 Stanley Cup Champions

Elsa/Getty Images

For the first time since Espo’ and Orr,
Boston’s Bruins¬†wrote champions’ lore.
To reach hockey’s heavens,
they won three Game 7’s,
the last by a four-to-zip score.
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Dallas Mavericks – 2011 NBA Champions

Don Emmert/AP

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

There once was a team of old guys
who hadn’t won NBA’s prize.
They played for the Mavs
and beat the league’s “haves”
for their first title in many tries.

There once was a German named Dirk,
named MVP for his hard work.
He choked in the past.
That stigma won’t last —
He now wears a champion’s smirk.

Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade
had it won before they all played.
But their new-look Heat
still has room to eat,
as its title hunger has stayed.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images